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Critic's Pick

"Susan Leslie is superb!"

Critic's Pick

"The finest ensemble on a local stage so far this year... Sister Timothea, played with a persuasively and terrifying severity by Susan Leslie."

Critic's Choice

"Surprises abound, and the power is irresistible."

“Susan Leslie’s performance made the hairs on my arm stand up."    

"The ensemble, as in all Shores plays, is stellar. McCullough and Leslie as the two very different mothers are riveting at every second as they deal with the crises."

"The beautifully cast Coast Playhouse premiere production casts a haunted, melancholy spell."

"A stunningly wonderful / fearsome Susan Leslie."

"Never a dull moment on stage."

"Susan Leslie is transformed wholly..."

"As played by the excellent Susan Leslie, Sister Timothea is a hand grenade waiting to explode."

"The cast... simply couldn't be better."

"The ensemble cast is as good as it gets."

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